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It's 4000 less effective hit points. 5000 shields 300 health versus 5000 shields 7000 health.

Still a good amount more

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actually it is feasible with currentlytargeted

have to be careful with the conditions though or you'll always aim for medium targets

What you can do is move to short range and attack right? But then let the attack finish even if they go into medium range then move again into short range. Against an enemy that just moves back you win. Unfortunately, most will probably not move back unless you have shotguns (and even then there's almost no point in moving back)

wouldn't rushing shotguns also win since they get to the resources faster

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I don't have tons of XP with this game but I can already tell that while abilities are great, abilities that are too impactful or simply just too many abilities being used in a match could really hurt the uniqueness of the game. Abilities are great if they enhance the AI creation process but not if they result in gimmicky strategies or overshadow the AI.

I suggest even having non-ability alternatives in upgrade slots so people are not forced to use abilities if they really don't want to, as well as some counters to abilities that people might really hate to play against.

For example, maybe invisible rushing shotguns are a thing. If that's the case give a lock-on ability which increases accuracy versus the locked target and allows attacking them even if they go invisible afterwards.

I play Starcraft 2 and one of the things people complain a lot is the excessive amounts of gimmickry and abilities in the latest expansion. I feel something similar could happen with this game. By the way I found this game on the Starcraft 2 forums :D

cool, I don't like rushing but I think it's cool that it can be done.

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If there are too many resources, doesn't that just mean it's a kill map? What's the point of capping resource if there's so many resources?

Referring to the 7 wonders in particular, I think more than 5 is just too much for just a few bots on each side. Although shotgun rushes are still very tough to win against in some maps. RIght now it feels like some maps are impossible to rush, while others are almost impossible to stop rushes.

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Good thing I got out of league 2 quick, shotguns are impossible to deal with if you use assaults. Sentries just rain hell on them before they get to close range.

With assaults the only way to beat shotguns that bumrush you is to backpedal if close range and let others attack but that doesn't work if you let shotguns attack in medium range after they already acquired a target.

Dev, would you consider unlocking all robots offline so we can try them out yet still only use assault in league 1?

When's the next promotion anyways?

Really want to try those machine guns xD

Been looking forward for that promotion

Darn. I play this on PC though. Is it possible to have that kind of epic battle at least offline?

Where is that map in the trailer with a ton of bots? Each side has like 20+

Love the game, but I feel it might be too simple for advanced players. I think the way the game is now is great for league 1 (maybe even a bit tough) but already feel I don't have a lot of options after 1 day and I'm #1 in my ladder. Here are some suggestions:

Modules(QoL): in programming you have object oriented programming. I kinda do that with sub trees but it be nice to have modules you can put itn as a black box to make things cleaner.

Tech: Bot customization but not just +5 armor or +5 attack. Something like an ability you can activate via ai.

Conditions: int comparisons would be cool. Would also love to see Boolean checks such as "is aiming", "is targeting