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The game was a fun play! I liked addition of voice acting and the graphics.However, I think there could be some improvements, just my friendly input. Some surrounding audio to tell us what's happening outside, or maybe some more stuff with the inventory system. 

It was a pleassnt experience. Dread and scares in a loop. Gladly enjoyed it! 
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Great game. Thank you for bringing an urban legend to life lol. It was terrifying! Got me to look into the lore. 

I really digged the art style. The anticipation was awesome. My only feedback is to add some more audio to build up for the creature. Subtle hints would for sure make me creeped out. Otherwise, great game! 馃榿 Thank you for the game!

This game was really scary! It was an awesome experience. Thanks for reaching out Vidas. Keeping my eyes on the remake 馃憦. 

It was an interesting game! I wish there was more horror but overall pretty good! Wild and whacky. Got me good with the jumpscares lol. Just a warning though for YouTubers. Ending song will be non monetizable. Copyrighted but can still be used.

Not a bad game lol. Very simple with great scares! 

Game was enjoyable. It was wild! Simple and scary. Short and horrifying. Great jumpscares! 

Awesome game lol. Simple and brings back memories of the episode haha. Short and horryfing.

Wow. Really enjoyed the game! Nice use of the audio and minor details like posters and sniffing the air freshener lol. Did get really lost in the forest too. It was a trip.

This was wild. Great atmosphere. Subtle but scary lol

Yo. So. Many. JUMPS. LOL. Absolutely loved the game.

It was a nice simple game yet effective game. I think it was a little bit slow on the wait. It would be nice to skip after the first encounter. Not bad though! Got all the endings!

The game is awesome! Simple and scary lol. Loved the jumping mechanics . 

I tore my neck muscle on this one. Lol 馃槅. Great game, loved every minute of it. It really made me uncomfortable.

Game. Was. Wild. Really well done! 

Great game and great design. Amazed at how many endings there are!

Pretty well done. More jumpscares would be nice. The ending was a lot of walking. Overall, was pretty good!

Man, great jumpscares. The loudness really got me lol. I do think the TV show was quite long in my opinion. Everything else was really well done. 

I do love spongebob horror games. This was a really good one. Got me good lol. Wild experience. 

Wild game. Loved it. Nights shifts are awesome lol.

Yoo!! The audio in the game was top notch. Gave a chilling feeling. Made my shoulders flex hard lol. Thanks for the scare.

GREAT GAME! I wish the character models could have stayed the same, but copyrights are what they are. Thank you. Craazy plot lol

Awesome and great game! I sprinkled in a jump scare to make it scary lol. Great game!