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Solved the city puzzle, green light lit up, door did not open. Can't seem to find anything else to interact with.

The first laser caster on the left switches between green and yellow depending on the camera angle too, it doesn't feel intentional but it's hard to tell.

Overall the game looks really sharp, especially for being made in four months.

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Not sure if it's intentional or not - but I can walk right through the first large door.

Was the style of this game inspired by URU at all?

Update: Nothing in the game that looks like it should be interactive is interactable (the laser casters, the mirrors).

This game creates a really thick atmosphere over a very short time, and grants a sense of surrealism and intrigue I've not felt in a while. While this is clearly 'just' a skill demo, I wouldn't mind seeing it thought on for a few years and revisited in an expanded format.

The Game IS working now - but it runs at about 10FPS. My computer's not god-tier, but it's no slouch either:
GTX 1060 8GB
Windows 10

Got past the pillar, now I'm at the grey thing. Running down each hallway, slow-walking down each hallway, and standing still doing nothing all get me KIA.

Oh yeah that would make sense, I did end up clicking the start button a few times because it wasn't clear when it was clicked.

Tried it three times, it still won't load.

Okay, thank you!

I'll give it another try, thanks! I did try walking through the dark pillar, but was unable to move forward.

The first loading screen stays on 0% forever.

The over-exaggerated arm/cam movements really prevent any sort of immersion. Adding a slider for them like in Lost-Direction would be nice.

After the jumping-tutorial I come to a hallway intersection whose entrance is blocked by a pillar, and cannot progress.

Is there a  "Win State" to this game? I've enjoyed wandering around and seeing the sights for a few hours now, but it's starting to feel like I've seen all to be seen.

The only EXE in the windows-download is the UnityCrashHandler.


I think I got the 'bad' end, but when I restart to continue the game - it starts the ending sequence rather than a place where I can try and find the other ending. Is there really no choice but to play again from the start?

I feel a little ripped-off by this - I like to read everything before moving on to the interactive/puzzle elements, but I think in this case this is what lead me to the 'bad' end?

Ah hah that would do it yeah.

Right now A and W do nothing, while Q moves left and Z moves forward.

The current google-drive link does not allow downloading.

FYI The two "DO NOT SHIP" Folders got shipped and are in the public build zip.

Awesome, thanks!

This game loads to a black screen and does not run.

These are the contents of the ZIP for me when I download.

That might be the problem yeah. I -do- have a VR headset setup on my computer, though it was unplugged at the time. I'll try killing steamVR before launching the app next time!

I just ran it with the defaults out of the box. Running Windows 10 Build 19043, not sure what other info you need?

Ah well lol.

Solid prototype, but the level of mouse-smoothing is nauseating.

Game launches to a black, windowed screen that is unresponsive and only closable via task-manager.

It turns out I did not want to find piggy.


You get a little bit of Sushi on the floor though :b

The game spawns a process in Task Manager, but no game ever shows up.


The intensity of the mouse-smoothing is a bit nauseating. A setting for that would be nice.

There is no Explorer.exe