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The Game is so FU........... AMAZING, AGE

But, in the Demo are gives just the Whale or? And no Harpunes

How are to play it? 馃槄 I dont understand

The Game is really crazy, i was hurt by the Girl, but the Idea is not bad

WOW, oh my god, that Game is so amazing, i had Goose Bumps

And Respect, its was not all predictable

Das spiel is so abgefahren, ich hatte G盲nsehaut,

Und Respekt, es war nicht alles vorhersehbar

Uhm, by the Links, exists are Link for Linux?

It is very good, Makes Fun

I like the Game, the Atmosphere is very interressted, deep, sad, mysterious,  a full Verison with a story of Life, Futuristic, Time agos long Times would nice

Such a dreamly surreal atmosphere, for thats are exists Video Games

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Im Lost PLace Fan, im already now right with joy on this Game

Okai, interessented Game, nice idea

A Urbes Game withour Horror would also in time would also nice

Can it be, Direct is well the 3D Manager, withour them goes nothing in 3D

You can download then over Google, or the official Microsoft Page

Diect X is important for many of Apps

Adblock? This sounds weird, so actually i have no Idea, maybe download over an other Medium

this Game is hard, the Story in the Background can hurts, suizid in Young Lif Years

Ich hab euer Spiel 眉ber den Youtuber  SEV gefunden, ich schreibe bewusst auf Deutsch, vielleicht bin ich die erste Deutsche die das Spiel kennt

Ich liebe das Design, eure Mucke, die is der Hammer, hoffe da kommt noch mehr