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Updates are posted in the discord channel linked in the downloads at the bottom 

haha, we surely won't be charging for the game or extras. All will be free :0

Yup! the project is still in development :)

It still may take some time for any announcements about a playable version, but yeah would be awesome to see an official star wars rpg with modern graphics.

We will definitely let you know when it is finished, if you want to stay updated you can join our discord linked above as that is where any announcement would be made.

No hablo bien español, pero no hay beta todavia. 

Thank you :D

Thanks, and yeah there won't be a release date until the project is at a state which we are comfortable with. Not worried about a cease and desist because we have done all we can in ensuring that won't happen.

Don't worry we did our research and the project should be safe from cancellation. ;^)

Haha no it isnt in development hell. Tank_Girl444 is the solo developer building the game so its going to take some time. Project is still in active development but we dont have any release dates as of yet but you can stay updated in the discord server. There is also a youtube channel showing off parts of the project, the link is on this page just under the credits :)

Not sure what the minimum requirements will be yet but once we know I will update the page :)

Oop sorry for the late response, haha glad you are excited too! Also it won't have any multiplayer since it is mainly focused on being a single player experience.

Thanks! We hope you guys enjoy the mod once it is released :)

If we were to get into legal problems I imagine we wouldn't really be able to release anything made up to that point. Also yes, there will be a few pre-requisites for the mod. We will announce what is needed in order to play the mod when we know for sure everything players will need :)

This is going to be set during the early days of empire :)

It's going, if you want to join our discord server you can stay updated on progress there :) (download link)

I can't say as of now, it's hard to put a percentage or estimated date on it since its really easy for unforseen bugs/real world things to happen which can delay the project. Hopefully sometime this year we can have a demo out but no promises.

haha, we are excited too! Can't wait for people to be able to play :D

Sorry, as of now there is no expected release date for the project. We will definitely let everyone know when we have an approximate date.

Thanks! We hope everyone that can get their hands on the project enjoy it :)

Haha, yeah hopefully that won't be the case. We have taken measures to help make sure we don't get shut down like not accepting any money or donations so hopefully it doesn't come to that.

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On the discord server we also have a channel #actual-game-progress for updates on the project

Hello! We do have a youtube channel, 

here is a link to one of the videos :)

This game is fantastic! I had a lot of fun playing it and for a game jam it turned out to be very well polished. Awesome job!

oh sorry, we had trouble creating a mac build using unreal engine since we can't find that as a build option but we are going to try and create a web build so anyone can play it straight from the game's itchio page

Thank You! We are happy you enjoyed the game :))