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Hey everyone, got a bit of errata here for you. A lot of Akashic content has come out since the initial release of the Huay, so I decided to update its veil list a bit, as well as clarify the interactions of armor veils with shapeshifting. Keep an eye on this document, as it will likely be updated over the coming months, at least until I get around to releasing a sequel book for the Huay.

Solarpunk is, by definition, an optimistic future. The greenery and solar panels are trappings, not the heart of the story itself. Solarpunk opposes cyberpunk, positing that humans will learn and use technology to better themselves, society, and the world, living in peaceful coexistence rather than oppressive darkness. I'm not saying your story was bad, far from it. It reminded me of some of the old pulp sci-fi I read and enjoyed as a kid. But it wasn't solarpunk.

Short and interesting. Both the endings were depressing, though. Not sure why this was tagged solarpunk. I even tried waiting out the clock to see if there was a third ending, but it just has you pull the lever anyway.

Yeah, I realized after I posted that comment that I forgot to set the parameter for the fix. My bad, it worked perfectly.

I tried this and it doesn't seem to be working. You did exactly what was in that video except you selected the game instead of Java, yes? Or did this work with a previous version and not later ones?