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Very good game, it's really cool this concept it looks a bit like the Granny game but with a Yandere, on the other hand the video is in French so if there are French people that they are interested in the video do not hesitate in any case I can't wait for the future version of the game :)

My Gameplay on Chapter 1 of the DLC in French

For the French if that interests :)

I made a compilation the best moments I had in the game, can't wait for the DLC to come out :)

So far best Siren Head game I have tested :)

This baby deserves to be on the Super Nanny show

For the French if that interests :)

The game is really cool, it's a shame that the game is short especially since I didn't know Siren Head but in short excellent work ;)

You don't mind the asmr gameplay ?

My gameplay on all the chapters or at the end there is the good end :)

Super good game, I really enjoyed it :)

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IT'S WORSE THAN A THREAD ! | Only In Darkness

My Gameplay on Chapter 4

My Gameplay on the brand new Unknown Chapter, I hope there will be more chapters like that

My gameplay on Chapter 3

My gameplay on Chapter 2

I present my gameplay to you on the Steam version of the game

I can not wait for the new version to come out! (these in french by cons)

For the French if it interests :)

I made a reaction on the teaser of the remake of Escape the Ayuwoki, frankly I wait impatiently for this remake :)

I did another video on version 1.5 of Escape the Ayuwoki waiting for the Remake :)

For the French if it interests :)

For the French if it interests :)

Pour les français si sa intéresse ;) 

It was still a lot of the game but I did not understand why when I'm over 300m I'm always chasing me? But after the rest frankly good horror cartoon game that you're my pressure curses.