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WASD should work fine. Depending on your configuration you might have to click the window to give it "focus".

Cool demo! The animations and graphics in particular are very well done. I work at Hyper Games in Oslo and try to follow new game dev teams in Norway. Contact me via email [kristoffer(at)] if you want some more in-depth feedback. I'm curious about the team and how you ended up making games together in Halsnøy of all places, so feel free to drop me a line!

Really enjoyed the build! Impressed what you managed to do in 5 weeks, and that a project with that many people involved managed to create something as coherent.

Having a lot of fun with the game, it's already very good!

I have some feedback that I think would improve the experience a lot: Enemies really need some kind of death animation, particles, a little 'pop' animation, something at least. As it is right now the game feels super polished in the menus, but during gameplay stuff like lack of feedback upon enemy death and that enemies completely ignore walls is really jarring. It feels like a huge blemish on an otherwise super-polished product!

You also definitely need some kind of critical hit feedback. Enemies don't have health bars and they don't have pushback upon being hit, so there is almost no way for a player to know whether a hit was a crit or not. This makes the critical hit upgrades completely interchangeable with the extra damage one, as all you really know is "I'm probably doing a bit more damage on average".

Wow, would love to see that! I tried replicating it in the editor by spawning lots of diamonds but the Snek never shrinks below 2 length and grows normally for me. Perhaps there was a combination of factors that resulted in the bug on your end...

Only picky eaters can find the secret

No promises, but I'm looking into doing a windows release.


Not promising anything yet, but I might do an update to celebrate 10.000k highscores. Can try to figure out a solution for this!

Great game! If you enjoyed Slay the Spire you're gonna love this.

Great concept, great style, great execution!

Very cool!

Congrats! I honestly didn't think anyone would find it :D

Unfortunately, some browsers and hardware setups are incompatible. And it sadly doesn’t run on mobile :( I’ve been trying to fix the issue but I don’t think there is much left I can do. Sorry!

Wow! Glad you like it, thanks a lot!

Nothing was ever heard from boudicea again...