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Heyy , looks amazing as always ivan :D

No worries Ivan take your time :D 

looks so clean :D will buy this and make something even tho right now my head is empty for sure in the near future

Heyy man awesome work :D , looking forward for the changes :D

Awesome music , i will credit for sure , like everywhere , keep making this awesome stuff :D

looks so pretty , giving me a whole bunch of ideas for a new game

Thanks for the response 😁 i am really looking forward for the updates 😁

Heyy just brought the lovely centaur :D i have an awesome complete game idea i will be working on and yea keep up your hard work and i would love to see more updates on her :D

Cool you gave me more inspiration to carry on with my game , i am serious i am making a game with lights and my player is also a circle , moving your circle inspired me more lol . thanks :D

ivan this looks so pretty i am currently using this pack update would be awesome anytime soon :D

cool , thanks for the hardwork :D

hey i love your work can you make a bundle with all three of them please 

really cool tileset

Very cool mate :D

I am a programmer and a designer looking for an artist to team up

This is so cool and giving me so many new ideas to make a new game if i get a complete idea i will buy the witch first finish all the work then buy more :D i really like your art style

woah so cool so umm I can use them for my project right i will def credit you 😁 , assets are awesome

These are npc's ?? they are really cool imma ask my artist to work more on them and more animations to work for my game , thanks alot

so cute , love your work man 

You are so fricking talented , keep up the awesome work

This is so cool ivan keep up your great work :D

wow so cool , would love to see a long game with the same assets and gameplay physics

yo !
whats in the update ?

this is sick!!! omg i love it

looking gorgeous ivan :D

looks cool Ivan :D

man i would love to have a death animation i managed to make a simple hurt by making the sprite go white but a simple death animation will help me alot

beautiful art style

Heyy man thanks for this amazing character i just brought it and i will make sure to credit you once i finish the game :D

looks so cute , giving me so many ideas for my next game

Thank you, really appreciate what you are doing

no its really fine i wanted to support to anyways so this gave me a reason , great work looking forward for any more updates , like bow and stuff :D 

heyy never mind i brought it :D 

same here revolver you even responded to my comment and added the combat animations that i asked that is awesome , here is my email

this is awesome , would love to see some attack animations with swords , bows etc, not demanding just being curious :P

i sent you an email last night :D

Heyy Clem Can you like make 2 more animations for me for commission please :D 

This animations are sick a good base model to work with :D