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Un jaune est une personne embauchée à la place d’un gréviste (article Wikipedia

Hello! I bought this a few days ago and really like creating with it.

A little feedback:

  1. I’d like to change the language to English and not my computer French default. How can I do that?

  2. I’m using a small screen and neither the windowed mode nor full screen allow me to see the full interface (there is no scrolling bar in the advanced settings pop up)

  3. A little bug: In the instruments list, instrument played when clicking play is not the chosen instrument but the one below the chosen instrument(once exported it’s the right one).

  4. About the French version: when learning music, the notation isn’t alphabetized but use the Fixed Do notation (here is a link showing the equivalent designation: Wikipedia. I think it can confuse people to have to learn a full new desigation system. Maybe it would be possible to add a toggle to switch between the two designations?

Thanks for the explanation! It’s a game about Vikings trying to create a thriving colony in England. It’s still in early development.

I like this system. It makes the fitd games more welcoming. I have a question about the licence : I would like to borrow the action roll for a game I’m creating. Should my whole game be attribution share alike or only the action roll chapter?

I just released my third album called Perce-Oreille: you can listen to it here: Download is here:

All tracks are under licence CC-BY-NC. .1bd files are included

Thank you!

I really like the software. So I created a little podcast to gather my tracks. It’s available here: and on itchio too (

A great Kickstarter and a great game.

A great game. System is simple yet it fuels the imagination perfectly.