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Yo this wad slaps, me and a friend have started playing through and we've been having an amazing time. 
The only issue we've had is that we get a fair bit of crashes from GZDoom. It happens to both me and him, and we haven't figured out what triggers it other than sometimes changing zones does it.  We're both running as admin, we followed the other instructions closely, so I've no idea what the deal could be. Any suggestions for a more stable experience?

EDIT: We've got our answer, it's just a matter of the stability of our connection. Which I guess is good news since it means it's not the game's fault. Again, phenomenal work! 

Heh, yeah I'd love to know what other people are getting. The best I've managed to get has been 17460 now, but that involved a a fair bit of luck on golden worm spawns. I still haven't figured out what purpose regular worms serve, I can't tell if there's a secret function or if I'm just dumb and they don't do anything. 

But yeah, great project. I only have one complaint, and that's that I still can't tell which direction a drill is gonna go when I break the block, which makes them a chaos factor, and it's weird since everything else is so deterministic. 

I am having a ton of fun with this, it's exactly the type of arcade-y puzzle-y stuff I adore. Great work!

My best score so far has been 14705, but I'm sure I can do better than that.

It's very neat! It does get a little easy to predict though, because it very often comes down to raw speed, since units can only dodge a bullet by running in a straight line away from it - Either they're fast enough and they get away, or they're not and don't. I've seen a fair bit of draws where a pair of survivors just endlessly dances at each other, unless they happen to be close to a wall :D 

But hey, simplicity is a major point here. Maybe I'm just overthinking it. Good stuff!