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Go check out this site

It allows you to upload these maps and then change them there :) 

Wow, many thanks for such a quick and helpful response :D 

I understand the thing about the naming being challenging and not very high priority, and like you said,  most people will likely change it anyways indeed. xD

About the legends, I'm glad this will be the case. :)

Regarding the the ability to reset the compass, i had no clue this could be done! :O

In light of this, I would like to make a "suggestion" that would very easily solve this problem, while being of minimal effort: You could add the more recent options to the main page of the generator, near the table of shortcuts. I ask this because I actually only recently discovered a way to rotate the actual map, in the first place, by checking the updates you made to the generator.

By adding a small list of all the added functionalities, more users will realize they can do a lot more than they previously thought. Because let's face it, very little users will actually even bother to go check the updates. :/

I did go look for the compass, but I didn't see any mentioning of it so I likely didn't notice it while scouring your update lists. Hence my suggestion. x(

Regardless of things, I can't thank you enough. And I hope I did not bother you. 

Have a good day. :)

Hello watabou, just now I found out that your generator can allow you to rotate the map, but I was wondering if it is possible to set the compass direction so that we can decide our preferred North. :)

I was also wondering if you ever thought about having a setting that determines the style of names in the cities that are created. Like, for instance, creating a city with names that are appropriate for real life cultures like african, arabian, japanese or chinese, and perhaps even for fantasy races like dwarvish or elvish names. 

Additionally I would like to at least submit the idea that perhaps one could change the names of streets and places of interest directly in the "Legends" itself.

Regardless of answer or availability, I would like to thank you for this amazing tool. It has helped me a lot (and no doubt many others) in building city maps for my campaign in dnd. :D

Thanks again and have a lovely day my friend. ;)