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Interesting game, was scary the first few minutes, but once you figure the AI out you can easily avoid him.

 unless you're an idiot like me and run directly into him

Overall, not bad, was fun to play!

Aight, this was actually pretty good, I hope you guys make a chapter 2, I'd play that in a heartbeat!

Legit scared me multiple times

Very interesting game, puzzles were kinda wack, but then again, so am I.

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Played through it, was short, but still dank.

Hope to see you come out with some more games, perhaps building off this one? I am curious what that thing was at the ending...

Also your use of breaking the 4th wall was amazing, I wasn't expecting that!

EDIT: WAIT! You have more games set around this place?! I need to play some of those!

Pretty good looking game, wish Slender showed up more, rather than standing by the exit at the very end.

Still I enjoyed it!

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And sweet! Once you drop that next level I'll be sure to play it right away. 

Good Luck!

I love this game, its very unique and tense and was a blast to play!
I was able to beat it on Normal & Brutal too, if you're still putting names on the board that'd be awesome!

Can't wait to play the next level, any idea when it'll be released?

Finally got around to playing this MASTERPIECE!

Another fine addition Dave!