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I tried and it didn't work ... :(

Really nice game, i love it

Really nice game

21 ninjas for me

The game is nice, you should maybe display the score in game

And add a little more diversity

The game is AWESOME, really cool and well built.

Only problem i can see... you can't escape the instructions page...

Same as nibzAU

Ohhh, okay, the idea is great, maybe you should explain in game or something

The game idea is good, and the way its made too, it's easy to understand and I think, the only thing you shoumd add(apart of levels) is a little more diversity (not only island and whirlwind)

See the game page for more instructions :)

The idea for the game is really good, but sometimes, the collisions are pretty weird and the player doesn't wanna move anymore, so you have ton restart. 

This game is clearly from another level. GG !

I just don't see the point in enraging instead of de-reaging

The graphics are amazing, but :

- You can't pause or exit the game

- sometimes the rocks spawn in the middle of the river, or in a way they can't be avoided, so you lose your score

Nevertheless, still a beautiful game :)

The game itself is good, but quite short, and a little to simple. But the idea is great !

kinda like my submission but in 3D lol, also camera angles are awkward and sometimes the jumps are buggy

the game is a little unclear about how you win, I played against my brother and had more items but he won... also you have to close and re-open the game if you want to replay