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The designs are pretty neat ngl, It has potential to it but any plans for an Android build? So I can't play through my phone XD

I found another bug in saving when i load my save file it bugs and then crashes :/

I hope the save bug on Android is gonna be fixed, loved the vn though

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It didn't work sadly, but if there's a chance that's it's gonna be on mobile I'll play it for sure!

^v^ Tysm


Just asking, is there gonna be a mobile port because Ill love playing this on mobile!!

Im glad the project is still continuing!!

The audio track is Amazing!, so please

Add A Soundtrack Gallery In the menu!

Not bad, nice artstyle a little bugs there and there but that's ok since this is a new vn it, it definitely has a Tavern Of Spear vibes to it 👍 keep it up!! 💗💗

Oops, I didn't see the DL my bad, I meant was there's no update on the demo. XD

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Yea, there's no update though, but I'l look forward to the next update! 

Oh I thought this was a new vn lmao.

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Tysm!! And it works just fine. 


When is android version?

One of the most amazing vn's I seen in this entire platform, hope you can finish this someday cuz the story is a bop! 

Oh I'm dumb, haha. Alright thanks!

I love this game! Problem is I'm using an old end device which means it lags a lot . It's technically impossible to defeat the dark knights of how laggy it is and how short the minimal target, so I ended up losing. Also when it's night time or you are going to the lava ruins(I forgot the name) it lags because of the flowing lava and the stars, anyway I hope you can add disable moving objects. 

Just asking, what is the name of the song when Sterb and the MC played ractress?