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Krenium Studio

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It's incredible, well done!

The game is wonderful, well done!

Thanks !! I love your video ;) keep it up

Thank you for your video, it makes me happy to have video gameplay of my game.

It allows me to see what I need to improve.
In this case small bugs, improve the intelligence of the teacher. All these little details that I could not check because of the lack of tester.

Thank you again for this wonderful video, and I hope you'll get there! : D

Haha thank you very much, you know I tried to make a game neither too simple nor too hard. 

Unfortunately I had no one to test the game, so the only way for me to assess the difficulty is your videos. So thank you for your return and your wonderful video!

 Keep supporting small developers;)

Thanks for Playing my Game !

Thanks for playing my game ! :) 

And gg for your win, keep it up !

Here are 2 interesting videos to see!

(1 edit)

Ahah, Thanks you for playing my Game ! ;)