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Thanks for the updated information screen in this v0.2 (Draft 1) that is now visible in all resolutions. And I got a new highscore: 31 points with 2 health!

Whoa, updated graphics and environment! Great that I came back. Looks much better now!

One can clearly see the impact of AP Physics 1 in the simulation of Newtons 3 laws in the 4-dimensional Minkowsky-space that takes special relativity into account. That's my only explanation why the direction keys "a" and "d" are not labeled yet (but will be in the future) and release "w" only works from time to time. I think it is a temporal paradox.

Actually - you were right. To walk up that spiral you need "turn right" and "move forward" on either wasd or arrow keys. Now that you adjusted it it might work for open world, but not the objective of your game ;)

After 20 minutes and several strategies I give up. Looking for next Friday to see one of the possible solutions!

This is a great representation of physical reality and the points you could score in a "REAL" bowling game.

Another SUPER DIFFICULT game, really challenging to time the holding down of "D" for moving right and pressing space for "jumping" without going off screen. Great work for 1 hour!!

Indeed - this was painful!

Feedback from Phu: How can I die and win at the same time?

0.0162 seconds - new record!

ok, got it. Fastest reaction time: 0.25 seconds ...

Phu says this game is "good

What, there is a hidden game at "P".  And this has INSANITY difficulty level!!!

This was fun! And I won - in just 86 seconds. Well done.

Two attempts: 5 lives, no other plane left, but only 20 points. Second: 3 lives left, but 26 points. How does this scoring system work? Why can't I exit? Or restart? Why is game over, but I won?

Nice animated starting screen. My highscore: 26 points!