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Kreative Kyle

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Visually beautiful game but the story was a little confusing at first. It was very well developed and can't wait to see more!

Very entetaining game and the sounds were very scary. Graphics weren't the greatest but they were fun to look at. Keep up the good work and i'll return to complete this game soon.

Pretty good game, jumpscares were decently placed and pretty creepy as well. Well done 

Man this game was scary as hell. Great job on this game man. Can't wait to see more.

Extremely scary game but me and my girlfriend LOVED it. Wish I knew what the code was to that lock though. Never quite figured it out :( Anyways, great game :)

Game was pretty creepy, especially when their eyes followed you. I love the game though and I think it has some pretty good potential.

I loved this game and a lot of detail was put into it, even for a demo. I can't wait to see where this game goes in the future.