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No worries!

Just in case it may help: One possible explanation the game isn't loading is the game is built using Brotli-compression. I believe that doesn't really work with Itch — there may be some server settings missing. Not sure.

Either way, you could try building with Gzip-compression instead, that seems to work. It's Edit › Project Settings › Player › (HTML5 Tab) › Publishing Settings › Compression Format — Then set to "Gzip". [Docs]

Then, hey, that may all be way too much effort : D Cheers!

Now, that's one exquisitely fertile chicken! : ) Addictive! I mean the gameplay. I don't even understand what all the stuff in the shop does, but I must have them.

Lovely eclectic! Egglectic! : )

Hey, I'm learning stuff! : ) Feels authentic and charming!

Love it! Nice sounds and "feel", I get mario 64 vibes!

Lol! I feel my cooking skills improving here, by fear : )

Cool procedural level generation!

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Boggles my mind in ways I didn't know possible — strangely satisfying!

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Just sublime! Need more tags tho imho: [Story-rich], [Choice matters], [Epic ending] [Numbers go up] : D

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Very primal — just all instinct and no time to think, like it! Beautiful models!

So pleasantly cute, well done!

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Brilliantly frustrating! Nice!

The anticipation is palpable. Like it!

"Hang on, when you press space ALL chickens lay an egg?!" .. 20 seconds later, framerate: 0.00001 .. love it! Nice lesson in eggxponential growth : D