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An interesting puzzle game, though I didn't quite understand which tiles I were supposed to match. I'm not entirely sure on the theme though as it feels quite heavy on stereotypes and oversimplifications, but I suppose it has its relevant moments. I did however decide to give it a second go and then I did figure out some of the rules a bit better.

PS1? Palt? Ockelbo? Volvo? Mail by the road? To quote a song from Pistvakt: "Finaste som finns! Ockel-Ockelbo 300".

Athmospheric, seemingly well-balanced. Leaves me hungry for more.

Olen täällä E10:ssa, mutta Kieruna on Tuolla :'( It gets hard by the end! Nostalgic for me since I studied in Kiruna and took the bus along the E10.

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I like this type of game, but if you've played too much Boulder Dash it can be a bit panic-inducing before you realize gravity has not been implemented. Pheew! Also, those HP-pickups look awfully familiar coughNorrlandsGuldcough