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That's your plot hook for an adventure in the literal afterlife. :>

Omg. These are amazing. I salute you!

Extremely cool! All my Mausritter players are busy with adult life now, so I'll try to get a little bit of heroism in during my commute. :D

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

This is a great mission. I can't wait to run it.

There are out-of-date character sheets. Check out Pilot NET, the Lancer discord, where people will be happy to send the sheets your way.

Where can this Gnoll be found?

I love this, but why did you draw those rodents so sexy???

It does help! I thought I had edited my post once I found the descriptions. My group had a blast last time. Cheers.

I love this but I cannot locate any description of the rooms, i.e. something corresponding to the numbers on them. Am I missing something? Please advise.

You're in luck! It's currently 33% off.

Is there a chance there's going to be either another print run or possibly a version one can print out and staple together? What's your stance on people going to the copyshop with it? I just really want a hardcopy of this. :-)

Thank you for the explanation!

Hi! Great stuff. Before I buy: Are the maps all fitted with an h-hex grid as shown in the pictures?

Cool Stuff! But what is a banded blade?

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Yo, this looks very cool. I doubt I'll have free capacities to run it for people but if anyone needs a player for testing, I'm down.

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Is there a physical release? I see a picture of a book here.
Edit: oh, the print edition appears to be sold out.

I originally downloaded this two years ago and I'm delighted to see the cool NPC which have been added since then! Just great stuff.

I've just seen this reply and wanted to reply to it before I realised I would reply to myself.

By now, there is a character sheet for QZ. QZ is full of great horror and weirdness of its own, so it's a great purchase.

Where may I find this discord? Discord's search for public servers yielded no results.

I've just discovered I own this due to the BLM bundle. It's really cool; I might buy it again.

This looks really cool! Any chance there'll be an English translation?

Yes, yes. The option to add it to an ICON Kickstarter  would still be neat because paying $55 for shipping to Europe is more fun when you do it only once for two cool books. :3

Sounds good!

Oh damn, the hype! G&S with art is going to be great.