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Mmk patch is being uploaded. Should be done in about an hour or so. 

Pretty fun but the lck of control over what hapens besides your direction makes it feel kind of repetitive. Awesome job!

This is just...glorious in every way! there's an obnoxious amount of polish to it and it's a wonderful blend of shooting and autoaim! Everything looks so damn amazing and the gameplay is insanely fun!

Very amazing base game. Could sue expanded levels, upgrades and variations. Sounds, feels and controls amazing.

Eh, still needs some work. If I build something and an enemy gets stuck under it, my shots keep uselessly homing onto it. controls don't feel natural either. Fantastic concept though! Would love to know if you plan on expanding on this!

Dude, this game is pretty dman dope. I don't really like starting over from scratch every time but your sound effects and immersion are flawless. Also having to stay near the king while slowing down to shoot behind adds a lot of variety to your standard 2D run and gun! Awesome game you got here!

Can't move

This game is AMAZING!

Hilariously hard and fantastic for a laugh

Not bad, not bad at all! took a bit to get the hang of troop movement and how to surround a n army. Lost everyone to the big troll when I thought I had enough. Amazing work for 48 hours!

Not gonna lie , was tons of fun with plnty of upgrades! It gets pretty repetitive and is a bit easy (beat it my first try) I mostly jus ran circles around the map, shooting dudes. Can't wait to see more!

I...I am addicted. I don't know where to begin with how awesome this game is! Not only is selecting the right upgrades important, but placement is also crucial! You give the player a few parts and a few upgrades and yet you open up a colossal world of possiblities!

Mouse sensitivity is too high and there's no way to change it. i moved my mouse an inch and did a 90 degree turn. Looks really cool though!

Oh that's really cool that it's your first game! I love the concept that my ammo is also my fuel! It adds a lot of tension for gameplay since you're so nervous about wasting shots. I think you have an awesome idea here and I'm always down for killing zombies! Hit me up if you make any changes! And good luck on your exams!

Not bad but kinda lacks depth/direction. Took forever to kill one enemy and finding more upgrades means pissing off more enemies.

UPGRADE community · Created a new topic Needs a lot of work

Everything was fine until I found the first gas pump. After that, the net zombie took a 3rd of my fuel to kill and I used the last 2/3rds killing the shooting dude. They either have insane health or were too close to do damage.

The Steam version is insane! You get gear and other upgrades you can get! There'd different staves and projectiles, holy crap! So glad I bought it!

Gets laggy after ten minutes but it's a good, solid, fun game!

AAAAHHHH! I got to wave 89 but there were so many shots I couldn't break through. It's weird though, my build should be healing me for more damage than I as receiving so not sure how I died...good lord it's so much fun trying new builds!

I'd like to suggest calling it Collision Damage then? And that's so cool you even thought of a stat for that!

Okay...that is a whirlwind of fun. A lot of those cards seem overpowered...until you keep playing XD

So is Body Damage how much damage you take or how much damage you do to their body? If it's the second, what's the difference between Damage and Body Damage? Also the speed is a fun trick, the issue is that they get inside you and you can't hit them. Maybe put some kind of collider on your body so they can't enter?

Oh bosses would be so cool! As far as making levels different, would making levels that are mazes be too much? So here's my experience: when I enter arenas that are harder, I stick out the initial wave at the entrance so if things get bad, I can bail. Then I gotta do a  nail-biting run across the field since I don't want to be stuck. Making it not as simple as "Run to the other side" would be cool. Doesn't have to be a maze, but maybe sudden sections of walls? Random large groups of dudes rushing you with perhaps a warning?  Maybe secret side rooms?

Maybe some newer enemies like ones that run up, unload a lot of firepower, then run away, perhaps dudes that orbit you while firing, dudes that buff other dudes, maybe ones that when they die, they lave behind a fire crater that damages you, maybe dudes that slow you or do damage over time? And maybe instead of circles, they could be like triangles to show they're different? I don't think I've gotten past arena 30 yet.

Do you have any plans for new weapons/tank bodies? Would be cool to have like "Apocalypse: +20% damage and range, -30% move speed" or something to suit your playstyle?

God this game is shockingly addictive!

God this game is so relaxing on the eyes. Looks good and feels amazing! The background music was fantastic! Gets repetitive but you got an amazing base! Wonderful job!

Mmk so I've been playing the hell out of this game for the last week. It is INSANELY fun and challenging! I love the robust upgrades and each one you can clearly feel he upgrade. This game requires not only a good balance in upgrades but also planning ahead. My biggest problem late-game was fast moving dudes that would overlap with you so you couldn't hit them. This leads to having to up your speed and at even later levels, the super fast enemies can have a lot of health or damage, making them even more lethal.

There are a few drawbacks though that I'm not 100% sure what to do a bout but owell.

The game gets pretty repetitive. It' easy to be in an arena where yo barely get any XP and your only choice is to go up in arenas but that leads you down the rabbit hole of the enemies being more dangerous but the game is still kind of stagnant. 

Other than that, this game is brilliant and I've had loads of fun playing it.

Played this for like an hour straight. Absolutely super amounts of fun!

Also quick Q: when I level up Defense Ring, it says the amount of mana I get per damage goes down. does that mean the more I level it up, I'm trading mana gain for HP? Cause that's a nifty mechanic.

Mmk so I leveled up my player and the stat I'm confused about it Overflow Rate. Is that power that goes to my equipment or generation? It doesn't say anything else about power, just healed, health, speed, weight and influence radius

Not sure if I did something wrong but I couldn't figure out what to do. I went under the stairs and turned off the generator then wandered around but found nothing.

Okay...sweet Satan's balls this is insanely hard. I'm having an impossible time doing enough damage no matter how much I invest in weapons and mana generation. Also I'm a tad unsure how I can generate more power? Some of the descriptions/terminology have me confused.

Oh my god, this was amazing! It took a few to understand what the hell was going on but once I got the the hang of it, I had loads of fun! My main tactic was to use crap on the battlefield that I didn't want to make chokepoints. Enemies were decent and kept upping their gear every level but I was never in any danger of being killed. I'd suggest making them a bit more powerful/aggressive in later levels. Had a blast! 5/5!

Super fun game that, while despite being pretty simple, gives you loads of entertainment! Slava Ukraini!

So a tad confused, there doesn't seem to be a way to regain health like the description says. Not a bad game but seems kind of repetitive.

Pretty good so far! The shotgun's range feels a bit too short and the pistol feels kind of slow but hey you get unlimited ammo for it. Level design was fantastic and I like how you can dodge incoming shots if you need to. This takes me back to classic action games and was super fun! Got half way through the second level before dying! hope to see more!

I've always missed ArmorCore but they made too many changes that made it in later games. If you just expand on what's already here, I'll be your biggest fan lol, let me know if you ever need a tester!

Wasn't a huge fan of this. One of your pics makes it seem more polished than it is. Map is pretty small and the sensitivity is too high and can't be adjusted. Gets repetitive quickly as well. Level looks great as well as your main weapon though!

This takes me back lol I love a good mech game! Controls and combat are pretty solid, as well as the animations and firing sounds. Only thing this game is lacking is content but the name implies it's just a testing site. Had a blast! Hope to see more!

Not bad! Very straight-forward but gets a tad repetitive and the extra guns/damage feel like they do nothing in later levels. Made it to wave 40. Awesome job!

Mmk so this game is insanely addictive and holy crap does it get hard fast! I love the progression of starting out with better gear and when things eventaly get to Insane difficulty, you're gonna spend about 90% of your time running away XD

Having an absolute blast and can't wait to see more!

I think I got to a point where it kept trying to spawn zombies but couldn't cause the console started spamming  a null refference error