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Let me tell you when scrolling through the options for Sam’s costume and seeing the clothes Sydney wore from Echo…

I screamed. Couldn’t hold it in. I was so shocked and I loved the tie in. Then the conversation they have afterwords…? Goosebumps.

Thank you for the Special. Makes me hope we get a christmas one too. Oh to kiss boys under the mistletoe. 

I’ve been following The Echo Project for a long while now. Like longer than i’d like to admit. The stories that y’all put out let me enjoy a side of me I hide and I am so grateful for that. 

I had to create an account for this most recent update, cause whew people are crazy.

If anyone is reading this comment, spoilers are in it for the most recent update of The Smoke Room.

I truly truly do not understand the audacity some people have. When I first started hearing about Kane I had been seeing people say that he was apparently sexually assaulting Will. I was so shocked and surprised by this, and was finally happy to get this new Will update to see what exactly was happening.

To see that what’s happening is being so blatantly misinterpreted is infuriating. George and the team pour so much love and hard work into this project and the sheer amount of complaints and very incorrect takes about Will and Sam’s arrangement anger me.

It’s stated many times that Will has a big tolerance for alcohol, and it also requires a million specific dialogue choices to reach the part where you’re with Kane, Sam, and Todd. Sam also encourages everything Will does. If you don’t like Will being on the receiving end or in a more submissive position you can click out of it or choose not to partake.

There are SO many other options to prevent the event from happening.

Saying that Kane is assaulting Will blows my mind. Will is finally being open about what he wants and who he wants to do it with. FINALLY. It’s character development and its a small amount of it at this point.

To overcome some trauma that he has is a huge step, and this should be a happy moment for all Will enjoyers. Sure he’s not 100% dom like some people wanted but it’s nice to see him indulge for once and let loose completely. 

Unless of course y’all want him to stay the exact same person from the beginning of the story to the end? 

I found this new update exciting, riviting even, and was SO happy to see Will get some. Not enough Masc men irl are willing, and it’s nice to see a favorite character of mine enjoy this aspect of his sexuality that he has repeatedly repressed and ignored. 

So I thank you Echo team. For everything you’re doing. For the work and time you put into this when you really don’t have to.

And shame to others who don’t appreciate it.

(also I need Buy a Man Some Hooch on Spotify.)