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Hello! I downloaded this yesterday and played through most of it before I had to sleep. I finished it just a few minutes ago and loved it! I was expecting something silly and fun. I did not expect to see the journey of two "everyday people" who's desires and nuanced intellect roped them into politics and  allowed them to thrive in the field. I'm currently taking AP U.S. History and I could not help but find parallels between what I learned/current politics and media to what is presented in the game. Thank you all for making it. This'll definitely be something I'll remember for a long time.

One misspelling:

Cool Thanks for the thorough reply!

Alright! Thanks for the quick turn around!

I finished up my homework then went to check on this site and lo and behold an update! I quite enjoyed this. The new backgrounds were refreshing and I enjoyed seeing the different sides to the characters the most. The old woman is a delightful bitch. Thank you for the content! Here's a few minor errors I spotted:

Hello. I went back to playing after a long break since I had some free time. My issue is with the conversation after the sniping and the therapy session into the simulation room to the introduction of Six. Then I had to stop because I was so angry and wanted to throw up. I would have broken Eight’s hands had he done that to me and I was angry that there was no agressive way of telling him to piss off and the narrative sheds a sympathetic light on him. The argument they have is all well and good, but only applied to the enemy. Punching someone during a fight is expected but I wouldnt punch my friend in the face when we’re hanging out. Besides, no matter what they say its still revoking one’s ability to consent. If someone wants to say no, even if they’re on the fence about should still have the ability to say no. Again, the battlefield is a different scenario because you and your opponent are both doing what is needed in order to reach a goal and both sides understand the risk they’re taking.

What I want to ask is that is this issue readressed later wherein Eight has a good and proper character arc where he comes to understand  what he did? How that scene went with what Seven’s inner thoughts are about Eight and the convo between the group seem to point to no. If that is the case, then I will drop it. However, if there is a proper readeessing of this theme, I will try to power through as the world building is wonderful. I just cannot take characters who act like this and are still written as good people.

I check the yuri tag every day. Imagine my delight when I saw this! I quite liked it. The characters are already interesting and Elliot is adorable. I look forward to release!

Hello! I've played both of the games from this studio (although I did not realize it until 5 minutes ago) and loved both of them. I do not wish to rush or pressure the people working on this visual novel, but is there a projected date of completion? Or at least the next update? I've tried going on your other social medias but I could not find any information. Thank you for what you've given us so far!

So I played this game some months ago and came back to it today. Made an account to say how much I liked this game! I tried to get all the endings. I liked the characters' personality diversity. I'd say more but it's been sometime since I played. It really inspired me to do some more sci-fi writing tho! The backgrounds are cool and the art style really complements the game. Thank you for your efforts!