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I am enjoying my time with GridlessDB so far. However, I feel like there are a couple of things which others already have mentioned to some extent that would make the tool even better.

- For Custom Property Types, being able to add an array as a part of the property type would be very helpful. Currently custom properties feel very limited in scope, but I belive it can be expanded upon greatly with the ability to have an array.

- Reordering options is a much needed QoL improvement. Currently, to change the order of options in a list you have to delete all and re-add in the order that you want. Ahead of time it is difficult to know exactly what options you need so being able to reorder them would be great.

I hope this tool is supported into the future and that we will be able to see new features added over time. Especially QoL improvements.

Really great product! It was very straight forward to implement in Construct 3 and works beautifully.

The one feature I would love to see is that the 'Execute' block also had a dropdown-menu with predefined code samples/function names as local variables have.