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Played/Watched this during Playtest Thursday. This is such an amazing concept! I’d love to see a more polished version of this; and can totally see this as a mobile game.

If you’re unable to get past saying “hello,” and you’re curious about the rest of the prototype, please feel free to check out the gameplay video on the game’s main itch website: Apologies for the weird audio mixing on the video; it was a real pain to grab, as I had to record gameplay audio with my mic, while avoiding it being picked up by the game’s speech-to-text input system, while also listening to the game audio for player cues.

A little late to the party, but that was incredibly good! The ending sequence and overall sound design was really effective. I saw this project from an early stage, and am really impressed with how it has grown.

Nice work! Really enjoyed the sound design and how the writing was paced in my play-through.

I’m not proud of how long it took me… but I enjoyed that painful journey. Great job guys!

Really enjoyed it!

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Thanks for playing!

helll yeaaa hollow knight

cured my hollowness

no cost too great

I really like the sound design here! This game made me chuckle at various points throughout the story. One interesting thing is that, despite its lightheartedness, I still somehow felt that choices carried meaning and it wasn't easy for me to detect the structure of the flowchart, so to speak. I was interested in seeing what other playthroughs would bring me, and that's hilarious considering how light the context is. Also, the ending was just... yeah... it made me chuckle too. Good work

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Thanks for playing!

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This was actually hilarious... I don't normally chuckle out loud when playing games... Didn't get to play this one in class last time because my computer died. Nice work!