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This game was pretty fun. It wasn't to difficult to figure out the story and if you weren't sure what to type out next the terminal hinted at what to ask. Surprisingly, a little sad considering it's all text based. Very surprised and enjoyed playing it! Check out my video of it below:

This game is beautiful, the colors, the lighting, all of it. I found myself more then once panning the camera around to admire everything. I'm not the best at platforming, but I honestly found myself loving every second of it. I think it's a really neat idea and I hope to see more like this. Check out my video of it below:

Speak Lies is really fun and the 'ritual' was great. I love the personalities of the characters. Going through the background of the characters and the school is a little tedious, but the moments where you learn more about the what and why of the game keeps you going. You can check out my video of it below:

Whatever Happened to Ruth MacArthur is a nice short horror game where you listen to tapes left behind from Ruth to find out what happened to her. It relies on suspense over jumpscares, which is always a nice change in horror games. You find yourself in an LSD colored hotel room with disturbing art on the walls and listen to very goosebump raising tapes left behind. Also, that red room though! My only gripe is that I wish we could change the mouse sensitivity and the music in the game tends to down out your voice (its very loud). But overall I would definetly recommend the game  as it's very effective in creating suspense with nothing but background noise and the narrative of Ruth. Here's my video below if you want to check it out!