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A really fun game ! Controls are well done, mechanics are good and satisfying :D. The only issues I can find are that the velocity you can get in the air after a neutral jump is a bit too high which makes it difficult to land precisely (something that could be necessary if you're willing to make even smaller platforms in the future :)), and the other thing is that in a few levels, mostly the first ones, platforms are a bit too close to each others which slows down the gameplay, but I guess this is just some details (っ◕‿◕)っ. Except for that, the game is really interesting :), I would say it kind of feels like speedrunning celeste but in 3d (⁀‿⁀)

Good Job ! Hope you'll keep improving it ツツ

EDIT: I also just noticed a bug which makes the hook disappear when a "honeycomb platform" does, I guess ;)

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A really fun game to play ! But I think it would have been even better if the non-euclidean concept was more developped into mindbreaking rooms and puzzles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It was a really nice experience (っ •ω•)っ(っ •ω•)っ

Everything in this game makes it fun to play, but I think it is just a little bit hard ;))))

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I think this is the best game I've seen so far :D

The theme is just so well interpreted, the concept may be simple but it's just really fun to play and I think you could develop even more around this ツツ

A really good and a little challenging game (っ •ω•)っ

(and also nice art & music :)))))))

Thank you :) (
Next time I'll call you for the soundtrack ;))))))))))

A really fun game to play :D I also like the fact that one action does two different things (I like these kind of things (:)

also good job for the art ;;;;)

The gameplay is really fun but it's a bit difficult to see whether the meteor you are facing is on the right, on the left, ...

But it's a nice game anyway ツツ

Le gameplay est vraiment pas mal, l'idée de pouvoir utiliser un ennemi comme arme est très intéressante (:)

C'était une belle expérience :) (

A good reflex game, since A and D are difficult to identify, you really have to react quickly and look at the correct side as fast as possible.

It was a nice experience (っ •ω•)っ

I guess this can happen (•ω•)

The gameplay is really confortable and, it might not be intended, but I like the fact that te velocity is unclamped :D

Good job ツ

About the music, I've often tried in the past (it didn't ended well :),and for the sounds... I'd say I've been a bit lazy :D

But anyway thank you for playing (っ •ω•)っ

Thank's a lot :) The problem with the delay is that if I wanted to reduce it, jumping would require to be even faster, so either it's hard to jump, or it's hard to dash. But I guess the problem comes from the concept itself :{

Sadly the music and the inputs aren't perfectly synched :'(((((((((

But it's still very good for a first game ツ

You could have made the blade easier to catch but still really fun to play (っ •ω•)っ

It fits the theme perfectly, best game from this jam so far ツツ

Thank you ツ, I tried to do it so the beats matches the player's inputs but I've encountered some problems I guess ://///.

I also tested your game and I really like the concept. It's a really good interpretation of the theme, good job :)))

yeah I'm sorry for that, I noticed it too late since the jam broke every html player ://///

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I really like platformer games and I also enjoy sometimes playing rhythm games. For months, I've been asking myself "why isn't there any good platformer rhythm games". But this morning, I just remembered that tags exists on I've honestly  never had so much satisfaction playing a rhythm game, everything is perfect, the music, the gameplay, the art style. And I also really like the "geometry dash like" moments :)

Thanks a lot for making this game ツツ

Simple but really interesting, quite hard and addictive. Thank you for making this ツツ !

I really liked playing this game, however, there are some aspects that I would have changed. For the collectibles, I found that gems weren't particularly interesting since we only collect them in order to complete the level at 100%, but compared to a collect-a-thon, in that case, I don't necessarily find it useful . I'd rather use something like the strawberries in celeste. I was also sometimes a bit frustrated with the checkpoints, they felt a bit weird. And finally, some obstacles felt a bit hard to overcome, although it's the beginning of the game. These are some minor aspects I didn't really like, but still, your game was actually really fun to play ! Thank you for your work ツツ.