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Ann Helen

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Such a beautiful and relaxing game. The music is awesome, and I absolutely love the low poly look^^ I found it a little difficult to hit the fruit as I missed quite a lot, but I got the hang of it rater wuickly. Nice game! :D

Your game is hard! But it is addicting too! It feels so satisfying to shoot with all of those effects. Plus it's fun when those shots keep bouncing of the wall xD
I think you did a good job with the details; like the blood, and all the slashes and effects ^^ Nice!

I like it. The levels are varied to some extent, and I absolutely love that portal door. And all these different pick up, for example the milk. It even looks like the milk sparkles or glistens. So pretty :D You also have lots of different enemies. Some are fast, some are slow and some even walk on the walls. I like that. Good job, Melinda! :D

I agree. I like the concept, and I had fun with stacking the boxes. The main character looks cool too :D

I had fun while playing it^^ There are SO many enemies, and SO much blood haha. How you did the car itself is cool as well. Sometimes I didn't allways know where to go, but I realized it quickly. Good game, man :D

Your game is sooo CUTE, I love it! xD There are so many details. It's obvious you put a lot of time in this game. It's cleverly done, and it's fun to play^^

Such a great game, man! :D
The different weapon types are fullfilling and super cool. I love how you can play two player on this game. It's a lot of fun^^ You did well :D