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Wow, I'm beyond impressed with your artistry and development talent! You truly have a gift for evoking atmosphere and telling an effective story through the game form. c: That's a rare skill to have. I'd be really interested in picking your brain for visual design sometime, if that's okay! :D 

I've always felt that the game medium, when done right, can really evoke a sense of immersion that few other art forms can. You've recognized that and succeeded in bringing it to life, with such a short amount of time. Fantastic job.

I thought that the mechanic of having the character move in a linear fashion from left to right was really effective with the storytelling. The choice to change the environment by "going to sleep" was very thoughtful and innovative.

Thank you for the opportunity to take a small peek into your world here, and to play this lovely game. It inspires me to think outside the box when developing my own ideas now, too!