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Sorry, not going to listen to you. You're either the creator's RL friend or the creator's secondary account. You created your account a few days ago and you also responded at the same time as the creator.

Sorry, bud, but your game is absolute garbage. You can't even think of an original idea and it's not even remotely fun to play. There are games from the 1970s that have more depth and innovation than this.
"I got an idea... you're collecting notebooks in a school while a teacher is chasing you! That's a new idea for sure!"
And yet you sit here pretending like you're better than everyone else and that your game is immune to criticism just because you "created" it.

Get over yourself, kid.

And no, we don't "care about your game". We care about the time we lost by trying your "game".

Unfortunately the Japanese in the game is uh... not so correct.

"Never Stop Creating" doesn't translate to "しない やめる 作成"

If you were to translate that back to English that would be:

"Won't do. Will quit. Creation."

Or the "Changing Rooms" literally just translates to "(I/He/She/They) will change (a/the) room".

I just got done playing the awesome game both on my Japanese channel and my English channel! I haven't finished it yet, but I will be finishing it up soon! Feel free to take a look.
Here are links to both versions!

And what will spamming do for you beyond making yourself look like a whiny child? C'mon now. =\