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@puppetmaster Thank you for your comment!! I know about the numblock but I was bored to include it. Maybe in the 1.1version:P

And here is a song for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnKhsTXoKCI

@mrfb I think I am ok.. Thanks anyway

In the post you can upload your ideas/ design document. Mine is in the following link (not finished yet, just a brief)


feel free to comment!

Also here is a Trello board with my TODO stuff and progress


thanks for the reply. Looking forward to take part.. One week is a bunch time and will be fun to create some game and sounds

lol.. Thanks unknown supporter who randomly commented my game!

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  1. Your game, all your content (i.e. Art, Music, Sound, etc) must be created in 48 hours.


what should I do the rest week? Does this apply only for the creative part and not the code/dev part. So 2 days for assets and 5 days for the development?