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Hello, I'm currently making my own games right now so I've got my hands full with dev work. But thank you for offering! 

Thanks Sr.Bane! : )

Thank you! Glad you like it :D

Hello! I'm pretty new to so I hope this is the right place to talk about some new assets that I have released! 

I made two character sprites assets that are easy to use and implement in visual novel games, especially if you're using RenPy. 

They're made to blink and I've also included a RenPy code for the blinking as well. 

Feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated! 

Que - Free Blinking Sprite + Ren'Py Code

Que - Free Blinking Sprite + Ren'Py Code
Dawn - Free Blinking Sprite + Ren'Py Code
Dawn - Free Blinking Sprite + Ren'Py Code
In-game example
Background edited from Uncle Mugen's free image asset

Thank you May!

Thank you very much! :D

It's my pleasure!! 

I agree, it feels a little less like a dating sim but the emphasis on family is what makes it unique I think! I can feel how the boy's family is reflected in the boys themselves (If that makes sense?? xD) so in a way learning about Noct's and Carol's story was important for getting to know them. 

Looking forward to any future works from you :D  (But no pressure)

Yayy I finished it! 

Thank you for this game. It was so funny but also touching (i cried hahaha). It felt complete and the story was really well thought out. I think the strong points of this game is how there is so much meaning in the story. I enjoyed how we get to experience the family dynamics and the main characters' interactions with their families, and also how the characters overcome their own struggles and problems. 

I also love all the character designs, my personal favourite is Noct's though because I find it really refreshing how his design works with his personality. 

I'm happy for the MC(Jazz) to end up with either of them ; - ; couldn't ask for more from this vn really, its awesome :) 

Hi npckc, 

I just wanted to say, thank you for making this game. It's just the type of game I've really come to admire: small events offering deep and sensitive reflections on real life issues and concerns. I could feel the weight of every question that was imposed onto Haru and found it a very powerful storyline to play through.

I think it's important for players to realise that it is set in Japan and present Japanese characters and customs, so interpretations of this VN should be considerate of this cultural distinction. Thank you again npckc for this sensitive exploration into the life of a transgender girl. (My sister and I recorded a video of our read through and comments.)

Hi Lorelei! Thank you for creating this gem of a VN. It is experimental and that's what is great about it, people would not think to write a story of this tone and with this emotion.

Thank you for the all the blood, sweat, tears and wonder you've put into this game. A subtle story like this one needs to exist more prominently in the visual novel scope. We made a read-through of it to show some personal love. Thanks again!