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Tales of Androgyny community · Created a new topic Tavern

where is the tavern? I thought it might have been the inn or brothel but it's not and it's not a place I can go. Is it in the monster town?

I've tried to download the new update several times but my phone says that it fails due to an error, I dont know if it's the update or the phone. I had no problems with the previous updates on this phone. Thanks for reading.

I would like to see maybe some new art or animations for the slime and dryad characters

so I know what the futa option and the flavor option does but what does the cheat option do

Not for the wereslut, I don't know about the other 2 since I think my game glitched and I wasn't able to get them

Its the wereslut, the centaur, and the harpy,

Its on the right side of the text box labeled hide and it hides every thing except the art

theres the text log that turns it into a script and gets rid of the box

so there's a bug where after like two encounters my character is halfway across the map

Maybe with the mermaid, you have to have a high cock lover level or something similar that makes your character more prone to be seduced. Maybe maybe not.

Tales of Androgyny community · Created a new topic Continue

is there a continuation to the goblin(female) encounter?, because her text sounds like there's a second part to it, just wondering, thank you.

could there be an encounter with the general store owner?  Like maybe when you buy something you don't have money for , maybe after multiple times, she'll "punish" you for shoplifting or something that leads you to being the bottom for her