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A member registered Jun 13, 2021

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How to get?

Are there any scenes with "alchemist lazarus"?

how do I get ti take bot out of apartment?

how do i get body parts for her? I'm on day 15 and no clue. Help plz

Cant wait for update 0.4

When will chapter 2 be release for android?

Question, how do i progress past just the festival with damien?

How do i get more scenes with yasuka? Havent gotten passed sleeping topless


How does this corruption system work? Ive only gotten it up to a 3

Do i really have to pay for every update??

honestly can't wait for those updates. Big fan of this game. Each update feels like more to explore I f***ing love it! ❤️  may I suggest side *objectives* with the soccer boys, photoshoot, bullies, possibly more with girl friends of Sammy, just a thought. Maybe some "slice of life" genre stuff away from the institute that seems to only wanna USE "sammy"

oh ok cool

Is there any content for flat mates? Also how do i get soccer boys vs bullies?

oh so I shouldn't worry about the "stronger than steel" quest? Or is it available? Regardless, gotta say, great game

Where do i find the darn spiders?

Supposed to get a scene with mia when i reach affection 7 and drink tea in the morning, yeah that never happened? Is there other unmentioned triggers?

Game is absolutely interesting

Been playing since I became a fan with sister love. Tftuv is absolutely EPIC. Season finale was amazing can't fucking wait for season 2! @Petverteer amazing work!

ok cool thx for the info

Why am I failing all point checks? Literally all of them

When will the next update come out?

Good game so far. Love the little sound effects when talking to people too. Makes their reacts seem to pop more. And gotta be honest, whatever that beat is that plays when officer Monroe is around, it's fucking slick I love it. I ended up doing my dishes during the hospital scene just to have his damn music track playing lmao

fair enough thx. Just waiting for next update now

Where/when is this scene

Finally can't wait for 0.3 release

Can't wait for next update

oh I see it's just waiting on him. Thx

REALLY? how do I get it to happen?

 where is this scene?

and now I've begun to notice  Noriko secretly does enjoy it doesnt she? Wow. Great game

nevermind I found it. How scared she is makes me worry. The other route "intimidating" makes it seem there's a thing between u 2. But menacing...idk

Menacing? Never saw that option. Only saw intimidating

noriko definately!

How do I get noriko to show off her chest? Or will that be next update?

Agreed 100%

I've found that but it says in gallery one under "tom" still missing. Also looking forward to next update. This game is very good

Somehow I'm still missing a scene with Tom. Is it not uploaded or am I just missing something?

Pleasantly surprised with this game. Really good. Can't wait for next update

found it thanks. Phone makes it hard to click things sometimes.