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A member registered Jun 13, 2021

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Not bad so far. Waiting on nwxt update

sweet keep me updated please

Will there be npcs?

I finished, going to bed. After that ot was a pay wall. 

I can't say much, because I have only just tried game. But I noticed, once I went to bed game ended ilunless I paid.

will android get the update as well? Or patron only?

Why is android only part 1?

Too a have to buy with every update?


What kind of key is needed?

How do I get the noriko scenes??? Please help

Thank you

Is there anything with chiaki storyline?

How do i complete current "quest"? It only says "be happy, make Ako happy"

running on Android. It does give those options, just download

Alright so i paid the $11.99 and it won't install. What the hell???

When will the next update be? JW

When will the next update be?

With only one scene shot i have no idea, if this is a text type game or not

Thank u

The physics are all over the place. Just standing still her chest moving around like a dead body in a old game, flopping like a fish

Also, personally I'd like the opportunity to mind break the d*** principle. The way she treats the MC, honestly WAS justified UNTIL deactivating his insurance. This will be a straight up hate f***ing. Lmao. Don't think I'm alone either lol

Great so far cant wait for next update

Cant wait for next update and more content

It says a key is needed for chapter 6 complete what is that about?

sumbitch that sux

ok cool thx

oh so add items cheat doesn't count?

How do i complete the glory hole quest?

Cant wait for the next update. This game is a refreshing mixup and i love it

Love this game. Caribdis doesn't disappoint, first there was "Once in a Lifetime" now there is Eternum. F***in' awesome.

which part is that for?

A copule of questions: how do i do anything else except pose forartist in oasis? And also, how can i work at tavern as anything but "work normally"?

Love this game. Just curious when next update is?


Will we see/interact with flatmates soon? Jw

New version wont install because it conflicts with old package. Why?

Amazing i cant wait for it