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How do i complete current "quest"? It only says "be happy, make Ako happy"

running on Android. It does give those options, just download

Alright so i paid the $11.99 and it won't install. What the hell???

When will the next update be? JW

When will the next update be?

With only one scene shot i have no idea, if this is a text type game or not

Thank u

The physics are all over the place. Just standing still her chest moving around like a dead body in a old game, flopping like a fish

Also, personally I'd like the opportunity to mind break the d*** principle. The way she treats the MC, honestly WAS justified UNTIL deactivating his insurance. This will be a straight up hate f***ing. Lmao. Don't think I'm alone either lol

Great so far cant wait for next update

Cant wait for next update and more content

It says a key is needed for chapter 6 complete what is that about?

sumbitch that sux

ok cool thx

oh so add items cheat doesn't count?

How do i complete the glory hole quest?

Cant wait for the next update. This game is a refreshing mixup and i love it

Love this game. Caribdis doesn't disappoint, first there was "Once in a Lifetime" now there is Eternum. F***in' awesome.

which part is that for?

A copule of questions: how do i do anything else except pose forartist in oasis? And also, how can i work at tavern as anything but "work normally"?

Love this game. Just curious when next update is?


Will we see/interact with flatmates soon? Jw

New version wont install because it conflicts with old package. Why?

Amazing i cant wait for it

Will there be more Noriko content with next update please?

Cant wait for 0.5 release! Will there be more content with penelope and dalia?

Has anything been added for flatmates and/or any possible bfs?

How to get?

Are there any scenes with "alchemist lazarus"?

how do I get ti take bot out of apartment?

how do i get body parts for her? I'm on day 15 and no clue. Help plz

Cant wait for update 0.4

When will chapter 2 be release for android?

Question, how do i progress past just the festival with damien?

How do i get more scenes with yasuka? Havent gotten passed sleeping topless


How does this corruption system work? Ive only gotten it up to a 3