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There is no anal in this game.

House Chores updates usually come out about every 2-3 months.

In the Zombie's Retreat games, the women who come into contact with the zombies will want to have sex with them. This will go until they are f*cked to death. So the threat is there but you won't actually see a scene like that.

Well you are in luck because none of that are in any of Siren's games. He tends to be very vanilla. You won't see any NTR or MMF. You are not going to see the MC sharing with any other guy. The threat may be there, but you won't see a NSFW scene showing that.

The next update will have content with Emily.  Should be out sometime this month.

After downloading the game extract the zip. If you are trying to carry over your save to the new version, look in the help folder. There is a text document that explains how to do that.

There is one more content update to account for Rachel Milf Tournament win. Should be similar to the most recent one with Jessie. There is also a resolution update to bring the in game images to the same standard as Zombie's Retreat 2.

You shouldn't have to pay again. All you would have to do when the update goes live is re download the game. An since you already paid for it, you shouldn't have to pay again.

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The timeline goes: Sexy Quest -> Kingdom of Passion -> Town of Passion. From there the timeline splits to either House Chores or the Zombie's Retreat games.

Yes there was recently an update saying the update is coming out at the end of this month.

If you ignore everything to do with Michelle.

We just had an update 2 weeks ago. Updates usually come out every 2 months or so.

You need to get the blueprint from the East District apartments. That will allow Fiona to craft a garden.

Did you make sure to extract the game. If you try and play without extracting your saves won't be recorded.

Go back to the main Arcade area and examine the arcade machines in the order found in the note.

Meredith needs an Antihistamine, so the colors you need are Green, Orange and Purple. 

After you finish her quest line go back the hallway and you will have an option to view it again.

A Zombie Life was made by a different dev. The reason they look similar is because they have the same lead artist.

I think all the scenes except one are currently re playable. All you have to do is talk who you want at the right time to re watch a the scenes. At the moment there isn't a in game gallery, but I imagine that one will eventually be added.

She doesn't have a scene, but you do meet her in person finally.

You know you can change how a number of the girls refer to the MC. The game is not forcing you to pick incest.

The update should be out sometime today. Depending on your timezone. If you want to play before the public release you need to become a patron. An join the $5 tier.

Go to the gallery and see if you have any missing spots.

You can pick whatever role you want for the characters. Alternatively you can use the cheat rock.

The game is uncensored.  I assume the preview pics are that way because of some rule. But the game is 100% uncensored.

I am using version 1.1 on PC and any time I "touch" Lia at midnight, when the time changes to morning the last scene is stuck on the screen. I can still move around and interact with objects I just can't see what I am doing.

Yes but it is only for those who give at least $1 on patreon.

Yes but it is only for those who give at least $1 on patreon.

Yes an update should be coming out in a few days.

None of the sex scenes in game are censored. Only the preview images are censored.

You need to shoot the vent.

They are found in salvage spots. I know there is one hidden in one of the arcade machines and in the water generator building.

You need to craft a fishing rod to fish out the key.


To get the art bundle you need to pay at least $10. But since you already bought the game it should be only $4.

Ok going to assume you are on PC. I downloaded a fresh copy of v0.7. Before booting up the game there is no save folder. As soon as I was able to I tried to save the game. Saved the game and checked to see if a save folder had been created, which it had. Closed the game and was able to load the save. 

Even manually creating the save folder does not cause an issue. If you are having trouble with your saves make sure you are making your save folder in the www folder. That is where the save folder is created.

All the girls have big breasts but they are not all the same size. Jenny is a prime example. But not the only one.

The default button for shooting in Q but you can set it to be whatever you want in the options.