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Stand Name: Conquest

Stand User: Kosmo, from a different universe

Stand Stats:

Power: B

Speed: A

Range: A

Durability: C

Precision: A

Development Potential: D

Conquest is a long range sword stand that has the capabilities of a punching ghost. It's maximum length it can go beyond its user is 30 meters. Conquest can also talk and it does have a voice. Conquest's namesake is Conquest, one of the four horsemen.

Rapier: Conquest's rapier is sharp and very deadly like Silver Chariot's. Conquest can also launch the sword of the rapier to make it become a bouncing projectile.

Complete Destruction: Conquest also has the ability to turn somebody into nothing, but it comes at a cost of speed. Once used, Conquest will split up every single cell in the opponents body, one by one. This ability is near automatic when activated.

Weight Remover: More of Conquest's Armor falls off, turning it into an even more speedy stand, but the user is very vulnerable and can take damage easily. This is used as a last resort.

Conquest Requiem: AU Kosmo pulls out a broken stand arrow and stabs it into Conquest forming Conquest Requiem, who's goal is up to Kosmo, like running away from a battle he knows he can't win or gaining the advantage by a large margin. Conquest Requiem's stats are not readable to the public.