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Yes they are and no they are uncensored. The only "censor" is that in one sex scene it will not be translated, what will be written on her.

More like, your cumsluts can it still not let it happen so they decide before she capture the world and disrupt so their time with you, they defeat her with your help and turn her into one of them.

Mayby it is to late to ask something like this but can you mayby work on increasing the number of name letters for the Playercharacter to ten because my name is written with 10 signs and rarely there is enough space for it.

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Whas a short nice game. Felt like a parody. Looking forward to sequel or other games.

Dammit I payed accidentaly only for game but wanted to pay for Soundtrack too, how can I upgrade?

Looking forward to it.

Is there a wiki to this game?

Looks interessting. Gonna wait until more content.

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It is enough to defeat her once and then just let you vanish by feeding her tailpussy a few times.

Is in V21.b V21.a too or do I now need to apply those fixed the whole game again?

They do. Just not for us who want not to pay 10$ per Month. The "Patrons" have acces to Version 4.2 which whas released last october. Us Plebejans have only the version from 2018. Dunno if you want to play it.

Link is broken. Brings me to here Technology.

Oh good. Only InDev. My purse is not ready yet to get NALEd again.

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Norton put an Alart on it. And the game often shut down suddenly

What is the meanin of transitions?

holy water is overpriced and for manticore you need first to let her suck with tail until pass out, then battle her with defeating her with fucking. Then you need to let her suck with tail sensless many times until you are at her home where she asks you, if you want to be with her.

For me the description for Average session time feels wrong. Mayby it is because english is not may native language but this game whas 4 hours pure enjoyment and not just half an hour like the first game.

Is it now intendet, that you only get gratefull on your starting slave if you shrug it off and so disable the storyline? Because I will not get it elsewhere.