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Stand Master: Juliano Gi'Ontar

Stand Name: High Hopes

Namesake: Panic! At the Disco - High Hopes and Let's Kill Tonight (Req)

Power: D

Speed: C

Range: D (15 M)

Durability: B

Precision: C

Potential: A

Apparence: High Hopes is a Humanoid Robot stand with no legs but can freely fly, in the fingers he has needles that can infuse or reduce power, on his back he has two tanks that hold the energy collected and he has a blue visor just like purple haze. His primary color is a Navy blue with white and grey tones.


-Direct Downgrade: Pierces a Stand with his needles fingers, making him slower, weaker and tired, storing all the energy on his tanks.

-Direct Upgrade: Pierces a Stand and gives him energy stored from the tanks(Speed and Strength). Can overcharge people making they own body self-destruct. The energy is lost if High Hopes remove the needles.

-Energy Harvest: Fires one of the needle-fingers up to 30m, if the needles pierce a stand or his user it stores up to 10% of his energy, High Hopes need to get the finger back to store the energy on his tank. He also can buff with this move, but only for 10 seconds.

Requiem (High Hopes of Killing)

 He has now two spears, both connected by a cable, One spear has a Negative sign while the other has a positive one. The negative spear collects the energy if pierced somebody while the positive gives the energy stored. The cable has 7 meters and apparently is indestructible. If both spears are pierced on diferent persons, then the person pierced by the negative spear cannot use his stand abilities while the person who was pierced by the positive spear can use freely all of the negative pierced person stand abilities. If High Hopes of Killing Touchs the Spear tip with the other spear, then he'll create an area that harvest all the energy around him.


Juliano Gi'Ontar: "Don't matter what it happens, I'll stand my ground, and you should do the same!"