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The same bug made Mint follow Magnolia in one of the flashbacks, which was really funny 

First playthrough, I guess my stubborn self has a knack for finding bugs !

Funny game with good concept ! Made it to 87% but was wondering where to place the remaining garbage, then I saw a comment about a hidden trashcan... I had try to go out of the room before but couldn't because I was going a bit too north to it é.è Did a 100% score after that !

Loved this game ! Some interactions really made me laugh (that moonwalk Rylan did ahah) I also appreciate the fact that it's not too cliché ! There were just some times were I didn't really knew what to do but the hints on the map helped well. Oh and the arts are really cute !

Oh and, sorry to be annoying but I found some "bugs" and don't know if you would like to know about them ? We can walk on the wall between the washing machines and when taking the stairs to go to the basement, if we try directly to go up we can go "between time and space" °^°

(//kinda SPOILER// Apart of that, I'm really happy that my first reflex when in control of Rylan was to talk again and again to Eugene x3 Really not regretting it, even less that final art !)

Loved this game ! Took me something like 80 minutes to do both endings (sacrificed both eyes and some hearts, I think that was the easiest way) It was really fun and challenging to play ! Cute graphics and good gameplay !