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Prob would be best to rename it because Crystal Story has been out for ages. That's like the Tom Clancy: Outbreak (right when COVID hits) and or Immortals Fenyx Rising (originally known as Gods and Monsters). 

I'm not saying your idea is bad, but it would help if you talk to the original creator and bounce back some ideas or just come up with a new name so it doesn't reflect like it's an origin story.

Edit: Anyway it's your game, your dream, do whatever you think is best and i'll be there to support/play at the end!

Topic. Just curious, because the name couldn't of been a coincidence. 

nice! looked great! really liked the animation and characters!

I feel you. Working in retail at this specific area it is literally like groundhog day. Customers are stupid, vendors are equally stupid. And anyone you come in contact with doesn't know their head from their ass. But you know what. You try, and you try again, and you try again, till your fist is bloody. You will break through that wall, and the next wall and the next wall after that.

Never. Ever. Give up.

Nice project! Definitely giving you a follow! I hope it comes to full completion!

Hang in there! Wish you the best! I'll prob patreon a low tier but yes keep pushing forward!

Keep pushing forward! I know that KS is not going well but I will be cheering on! (By the way your comic links aren't loading... could you fix that?)

Yes, that's what I was asking, and I'd say "English is not my first language...." but that's a damn lie. Anyway I'll still be cheering you on!

These edits... Do they get posted into the newest version of your release? If so "thank you!"

woot! glad things are going well for you!

Woot~! Keep it up!

Can't wait! So is the first episode completely done?

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Woot! Can't wait! (Thought it was an release already!)

I'll be here cheering you on!

Well whatever you do I hope it is for the best and you don't take an eternity releasing the next episode. That being said don't give up hope and keep the dream alive. 

You're welcome! I've been following you for a while so when I see a new update I can't help but get excited for you! Keep it up!

Great job! Can't wait to see the finished game!


Hope to test the game soon! Love the character designs!

It's all good. You're really good at what you do and I don't mind supplying for your time.

Yeah i would love to buy it. Also some time ago i sent you a person email about making a game. Would you be interested in that?

Do you have one in english as well?

Glad this game made it on Steam. Would definitely pay for a sequel to this!