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hello :)

Who said I don't know Unity already? ;D

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Sorry, Level 3 areas were cut out because of time constrain. I was planning to add them later, but I didn't have time to do anything about it and now my interest in continuing this project is all time low. And no, no plans for multiplayer. Maybe in my next game ;P

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)

Nice, I like it! :D

Sorry for that slightly confusing "LVL 3" gates...

64 bit

Not really. If I don't compress it, the download file will be over twice as big. Plus, the game consist multiple files, uploading each one of them separately will be too much of a pain in the ass. Packing them into one zip/rar file is the only reasonable thing to do.

But all those things aside, I don't really understand why is it a problem? What's so bad about compressed files?

Thanks! It actually works perfectly :)

I have a question, though. Why is there such a big difference in file size limit between normal upload and the butler upload?

Check the dropbox mirrors above. All 3 should work at this moment :

Thank you. I will try to deal with it :)

Use the links in the "Install Instructions" section (directly above the Download Buttons)

Look at my profile to get the email adres

Not sure why it's not working, was perfectly fine last time I have checked. Anyway, I have added 2 new download options (copy their name/url and paste it in your browser to download directly from dropbox)