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4 years, nope, nearly 5 years after the kickstarter with NO communication. 0. zip. Nada.

Is this a scam to bring in more money now or something? I'm really uncertain if this is the real thing.


I found my download links from the KS message, thanks. I just downloaded it, and will be giving it a run soon. Thanks for the info on steam keys. As for community pages, the bug fixes and issues page just dont' load for me, says it doesnt' exist. Could just be me though :)

Your bugs and issues page doesn't seem to be working :(

I couldn't locate the title for download. I'll check my emails.

Hey, just wondering how development is going? Will we be able to get our hands on current version, and any word on those steam keys too?

Thanks, look forward to seeing the progress on the game.

Hi, KS backer here.

So I got an email saying keys have been released to the download page, but I only see an exe download. Was that a typo? Will steam keys be released at a later date?