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Finally, an actual tetris game on itch


pretty cool. Movement speed is very high, and i wish there was a better way to tell when you could throw your next snowball. But overall, I had fun :)

nice. Hope you'll check mine as well :)

Nothing wrong with critiquing a demo. In fact, it's actually a good thing because it helps to show where the game can improve. 🙂

that said, doesn't mean every criticism is valid. Listen to everything but take it with a grain of salt.

Thanks for making this tutorial :)

Are there any updates planned for this game?

nice :D

I see. I'd be careful following HeartBeast. This isn't the first time he's flaked on a tutorial series

are there any plans to expand this?


Nice 👌

This is really cool! Much more impressive than my zombie game lol

Any chance we could get an English option?

This is a lot of fun! I agree it should be playable on mobile as well.

I don't get it... the controls are very confusing for me.


still better than sonic 06...

Cool! Do you have a repo containing all the code to view?

hey, Im curious to try this. But the mac version doesnt seem to work. Can you provide an update?

Really fun and addicting!

thanks! Turns out I just had to update Chrome.

Love the concept! Can't wait for more.

I only can see a message saying "WebGL not available". What do I do?


Amazing! I love it!
Can you make a way to restart from the current stage as opposed to starting from the beginning when you die? It would give me incentive to complete on a harder difficulty!

Love it! Short and Sweet.

I think you should credit KidsCanCode in the description. (Unless you are Chris himself. In which case that should be made clear.)

Executables don't work on Mac btw

Downloaded the mac version. How do I run the game?