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A member registered Aug 15, 2016

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My lorde, sure! I've not quite finished the art yet, but I may or may not have already done my first attempt at the cosplay. I will definitely do it again soon because it was very fun. I'm hyped right now!! ::D (<--- ^////^ I like dat)

I look forward to seeing future projects ^^

http://koran-david.deviantart.com/ (This is me ^^)

OOH! Thank you ^^ I already have some things I could use for the cosplay and I want to perfect it, if I'm honest. Toa is so adorable, and as are Jett and Irene, I love them <3

I hope you don't mind that I found your deviantart (I was looking for Four Eyes fanart ^^ and then made some of my own), and I'll probably be posting some of the pictures there, with your permission. Perhaps a way of private messaging could be helpful for sending the rest (I spam myself with cosplay photos, I couldn't possibly post them all XD) I may try other characters too ^^

I deeply encourage future works as this one went so well and absolutely beautifully. I could play over and over! ^^ Thanks so much again :D

I played the demo some time ago, and felt so bad when I went back and found my old lets play of it and realised that I hadn't checked for the full release until now. Having the download finished at 4 AM didn't stop me! ^^

I loved the final game, the story and characters all being so lovable. I don't know who I relate to more! Though, I am now feeling the undeniable urge to cover myself in face paint to cosplay our lil' alien ^^

I thank you for an amazing game! 10/10, absolutely incredible and very lovable :)

I'm totally hooked on this! It's so sweet and an amazing display of how rpg games should be made! Suspense, character building and story is all in perfect proportion, which can be very difficult when creating an RPG game.

This is by far one of the best games I've ever played.