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drama,  harassing exe creators (mostly cause they are not working on their games) and reuploading games without the creator’s permission (which this reupload has done, therefore needs to be taken down. and there already is a reupload)

cancelled cause of issues in the sonic.exe community. this reupload of the game makes it worse

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The former main developer said you have to take it down. You literally reuploaded it without permission. And its ALREADY REUPLOADED by the director! So please take this down.

If you don’t we will have to report it…

Really cute and amazing!

My score:

this is extremely well made. I’m impressed :D

This was really fun to play! I managed to complete the first and second house.

I've heard this music on an another game boy homebrew... Also really great game :)

Oh boy! No more deaths!

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Yeah!!!! All versions baby! Whoop!

EDIT: Wait SONIC.EXE is ded... :(

ANOTHER EDIT: I made a disc file for version 5 so its an actual disc that can e playerd on ALL versions of windows (execpt windows 1.0 3.x and 9.x)

This... is...

the best genesis game ever!!!!!!

Note: If you defeat Don Garlic

How do I move on? I'm stuck and can't get out.

Do that on your emulator

me agree

Best game ever!

As good as Sheep it up!

DMG really does deal some damage there!! I'm Impressed!

Dr. Ludos A heaven game