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Un très bon jeu, très mignon et avec un principe amusant et original, bravo ! =D

A game very beautiful aesthetically but also for the concept, in short a success !

Simple game and very nice! The only downside: I am French, my keyboard does not match the English / American keyboard, and I can not find the keyboard to go right for the orange inmate (right)! No button works, it would have been necessary to be able to choose its own keys ...

But really good, congratulations!

A very good game, with riddles very well conducted and an atmosphere who is doing well with the universe. In short, a good job !

A very good game, with a scary atmosphere but not too much, just enough ! Enigmas very well conducted, in short, a good job !

The game looks good, but when I take the picture, it does not matter when I press 1 or 2 ! I'm on Mac, how to fix the problem ?

A wonderful game! The mechanics are great, I love! I hope you do something else like this ! :D

Le mot "fin" étant français, j'imagine que tu es franchophone, donc je te le dit en français : bravo, ce jeu était magnifique ! :D

Jeu très joli et agréable à jouer ! J'espère qu'on pourra bientôt le télécharger et y jouer sans connexion internet ! :D

Très bon petit jeu en développement, assez joli et simple. Pas besoin de trop se casser la tête, un jeu de plateforme classique qui a son charme. :)

Sympa ! Bonne idée de base : maintenant, il faudrait que la  caméra soit plus haute car le bonhomme nous cache la vue... Plus qu'à attendre de prochains niveaux plus difficiles ^^

A awesome game ! The principle is simple, but it is complex to arrive at its ends !
A very good game (which  works on Mac !!!), nevertheless it is a pity that there are not different levels with spaceships of different sizes, a crew more or less big and other ways to kill the crew : the game is not renewed much.
Congratulations again !