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Liked the idea and good challenging level. Can you add time after completing all level, so it's easier to do speedrunning?

Cool idea! Waiting for full game :)

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Wow, nice pack! It reminds me of the nes game - Shadow of the ninja.

Awesome simple puzzle game, would be cool to see this as an app for mobiles :)

Short and challenging platformer with interesting controls. Also, it'd be great if you add more levels with different characters and different controls :)

Nice puzzle game

12 min 40 s. Awesome game! Reminds me of "Getting over it"

Cute, little game:)

Wow, that's cool!

Thanks for such awesome music! I've used it in my roguelike game

Cool game! By the way, it'd add more replayability if levels were randomly generated.

Cool puzzle platformer! But it's a bit short

Nice game.

Wow, thanks for suggestions:) Hmm, what if I will make different buildings which gather wood differently, like wood farm or smth like that which will not be depleted and also will give 2x more wood.

Oh, I finished this game after the submission period of game jam was over so I hadn't enough time to make a complete game, but after the jam ends, I will update it

You can use only one shape with any color, you can't change shape to different, but you can scale it

Now its one shape game


Nice game! Also, would be great to see this game for Linux and Mac.


Yeah, i'm using linux version, ok :)

I cant get to upgrade menu by just pressing on the gun button, i have to click all the surface of the button to find position where it works.

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This game is awesome.

Btw, i was trying to produce somebugs. And here what i've got.

Nice game! I have a suggestion. When starting a game create an effect of a booting into a console.

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hmm, after some minutes of playing the balance wasn't changing anymore, is it bug?

Now windows version is available. Hope you will like it)

Yup, I'll upload it soon:)

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These sprites are very good. Here is the game i made with your sprites(I've added some new sprites using this style) I hope to see more of your future work :)

I like this game. But speed of the game twice as much as normal maybe even faster.

Thank you for your suggestions)