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What a great idea to have a dog accompany the player. Somehow it seemed as if the fellow always knew where I was headed. I also liked that there was a fireplace as it gave the experience as sense of direction.

Nice variation of trees and grasses. Also liked the pollen effect. Would love to see this expanded. Wasn't able to get rid of the mouse cursor though.

A haunting experience. I especially liked how the distant objects looming in the background continually encouraged me to keep on going. Also loved the eerie sound design. Great work!

Absolutely marvelous! Horrific art design, intelligent choice not to let the player wander off too quickly once the reading kicks in and what a great poem this is! One little nitpick I have though: It would have been cool to be able to play the different parts multiple times instead of having to start all over again. But where is the fun in that, right?