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Congratulations on your first horror game! Great use of sound, had shivers all over me through the whole game hahaha

LOVED the aesthetics on the game. Congratulations on your first release! 

With each game you surpass yourself on atmosphere, scares and quality level. AWESOME to see, one of the scariest indie games I've played this year so far no doubt about it.

AWESOME tension held through the experience!

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LOVED how tense the game was.

GREAT execution. The game being short manages to be very focused on what it sets out to do, really loved it. Will definitely check out your other games :)

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Just uploaded a video on the game Niven. Congratulations on your constant improvement with each game! Really great to see, loved the atmosphere.

I'll be sure to check out your other latest releases just to catch up and hyped before the next one :)

LOVED the aesthetics on your game! Laughed a good couple of times but also felt creeped out through most of it. Awesome!

Amazing! Congratulations on being a solo dev and creating such a tight horror experience. I'll be buying the game on Steam after playing the first free chapter.

I did a no commentary playthrough of it, hope the game becomes a hit! :)

Liked how it went straight to the point, like a random nightmare that you can have. Did a little shorts video on it :) cheers!

Just found out about your games, despite you've been releasing for a while now. Absolutely LOVED the style of this game! Hope there's more coming in the future.

Did a little playthrough on it:

Did a playthrough on your game :)

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Hey there! Thank you so much for the assistance. I managed to play through it but not the whole experience, the checkpoint was a bit unforgiving haha.

I liked how due to the mechanics being a bit clunky around using your inventory itens/your gun, it made for panic inducing moments where you didn't feel that much in control. 

Although I do believe the inventory system can be improved (and maybe the difficulty?), the aesthetics, presentation and scare factor are all SUPERB. Wish you all the best and will play/support whatever updates/games comes next!

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Sorry, but would there be a gameplay or visual demonstration on how the inventory should work? I really tried and cannot seem to read the notes I have or use the revolver. I read the intro note but after trying for 5 minutes, just couldn't do it. Thanks!

EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm having issues with taking anything from the inventory and equiping/reading it. It says to put it in a quick slot, but it simply doesn't work.

A bit similar to Sauna2000 😅 interesting take on it

GREAT translation of the original game to a PSX style. Hope you make more in this style! 

Did a little playtrough on it:

Is this your first game? It was a great experience! Hope you release more in the future, if possible localized in English! Although I scratch a bit of Spanish and really enjoyed the overrall presentation :)

Did a little playthrough on it:

is this your first game? amazing job on the overall aesthetic and mood! loved it. 

did a little playthrough on your game :)

Really love both your games on! You have a great aesthetic and mood in your games. Hope there's more coming in the future :)

LOVED the game, and how you implemented the horror. Just wondering if there is a definitive ending, or does it keep looping? Thank you!

Did a playthrough with no commentary on it:

LOVED the aesthetics on your game. Hope it comes to release!

Big fan of all your games so far Timeberwell :) Enjoyed playing this one!

Hope we get to play all the other tapes! Nice job on the overall ambiance and aesthetic :)

I liked the aesthetic on your game! Hope you make more horror games, you have great potential :)

Hey there, really loving the game so far. Got stuck on a part where you move big blocks to form a bridge on a child's playground. Moved one of them wrong and now can't seem to get it out of the corner. 

Is there a way to reset that room in particular or do I have to restart the game all over? Thanks!

Hey Niven! Just played your new game. Congrats!! Had some really spooky moments, awesome how you've improved in the span of a year (I still have to play your older games tho)

Hope the third part ends it well :)

Thanks for the response, will definitely be checking it out :)

Great, dark atmosphere but it is way too short to be charging 1.00€ EUR.

I understand you need support for your games, but for less than 3 minute of gameplay this is kind of too much. Hope you make more in this style though, just the price tag doesn't need to be that steep.

LOVED the twist! Great game :)

Congrats on your first horror game! It was INCREDIBLY tense, you managed to create a really creepy atmosphere without excessive jumpscares, always love that. Kudos!

Did a little no commentary playthrough on it :)

Hope you keep making horror games, this was very well made and original :) all the best to you!

This was extremely well done! Will definitely play the predecessor, thanks for the awesome game :)

Discovered your game today, I LOVED how the in game mouse model follows your real mouse the exact same, got me way more immersed in the game. Loved it, thanks for the great game! :)

I'm a big fan of your games! First time playing this one, always on point with the PSX aesthetic <3

Big fan since Fatum Betula. Been discovering all your games (old and new) and I always enjoy the atmosphere you create in your games.

Did a no commentary playthrough on it, as I believe it's best that way.

Congrats on your latest game!

I'm a sucker for the PSX aesthetic and in my opinion you nailed it. The game was a little bit longer than it could've been (I felt it dragging a bit in the middle) but it has a good finish.

Just did a no commentary playthrough on your game.

I liked how well made the environment is on your game. Also, thank you for thinking about atmopshere first, instead of a cheap jumpscare.

Did a no commentary playthrough to showcase your game, thanks!

Hey there! Did a no commentary playthrough of your game.

Tank controls are awesome and you did them well, kudos to you. The thing I enjoyed the most is the switch from tank controls to the brief section in first person, really creative! Hope it turns into a full release, cheers.